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                        THE ANTARCTIC TREATY


     To ensure that Antarctica is used for peaceful purposes, for
international cooperation in scientific research, and does not become
the scene or object of international discord.

Summary of provisions

     (a) No military bases, military manoeuvres or weapon teating in
Antarctica (art. 1);

     (b) Freedom of scientific investigation and cooperation in the
exchange of information regarding plans for such investigation and of
personnel engaged in such investigation, and of information resulting
from such investigation (arts. 2 and 3);

     (c) Territorial claims in Antarctica not affected by the
Convention (art. 4);

     (d) Observers to inspect stations, installations and equipment,
to be appointed by each party (art. 7);

     (e) Meetings of parties to be held for consultation and to
formulate and recommend measures to further the objectives of the

     (f) Detailed agreed measures for the conservation of Antarctic
fauna and flora.


     Open for accession by any State Member of the United Nations, or
any other State by unanimous invitation of the parties.  Instruments
of accession to be deposited with the Government of the United States
of America.

     Date of adoption         1.12.1959
     Place of adoption        Washington, USA
     Date of entry into force 23. 6.1961
     Languages                English, French, Russian, Spanish
     Depositary               United States of America

     Participant                                  Entry into force
     -----------                                  ----------------
     Argentina                                       23. 6.1961
     Australia                                       23. 6.1961
     Austria                                         25. 8.1987
     Belgium                                         23. 6.1961
     Brazil                                          16. 5.1975
     Bulgaria                                        11. 9.1978
     Chile                                           23. 6.1961
     China                                            8. 6.1983
     Colombia                                        31. 1.1989
     Cuba                                            16. 8.1984
     Czechoslovakia                                  14. 6.1962
     Denmark                                         20. 5.1965
     Finland                                         15. 5.1984
     France                                          23. 6.1961
     Germany                                          5. 2.1979
     Greece                                           8. 1.1987
     Guatemala                                       31. 7.1991
     Hungary                                         27. 1.1984
     India                                           19. 8.1983
     Italy                                           18. 3.1981
     Japan                                           23. 6.1961
     Korea (Democratic             
       People's Republic of)                         21. 1.1987
     Korea, Republic of                              28. 1.1986
     Netherlands*                                    30. 3.1967
     New Zealand                                     23. 6.1961
     Norway                                          23. 6.1961
     Papua New Guinea                                16. 9.1975
     Peru                                            10. 4.1981
     Poland                                          23. 6.1961
     Romania                                         15. 9.1971
     Russian Federation                              23. 6.1961
     South Africa                                    23. 6.1961
     Spain                                           31. 3.1982
     Sweden                                          24. 4.1984
     Switzerland                                     15.11.1990
     United Kingdom of  
       Great Britain and  
       Northern Ireland                              23. 6.1961
     United States of America                        23. 6.1961
     Uruguay                                         11. 1.1980

     *   Extended to the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.