About the World Data Center (WDC)

The World Data Center for Human Interactions in the Environment is one of 51 data centers of the World Data Center System. We are hosted by the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), a center within The Earth Institute at Columbia University.

The mission of the WDC system is to provide access to geophysical and environmental data to all scientists free of charge or for the cost of reproduction. In accordance with the system mission, the WDC for Human Interactions in the Environment promotes the development, dissemination, and preservation of high-quality global data sets related to population, sustainability, poverty, health, hazards, conservation, governance, and climate. We seek to foster the creation of a data commons for global-scale data sets through promoting the network of global data providers.

The WDC for Human Interactions in the Environment provides search and browse tools for data discovery. Data may be searched within the WDC holdings or within the catalogs of other, related, data centers. A map gallery, an interactive mapping tool (the SEDAC Map Client), and other tools allow for data visualization and analysis. Data guides, thematic portals, and related resources provide in-depth information on the data holdings and how they have been used to explore interactions between humans and the environment.

Support for the WDC for Human Interactions in the Environment is provided by the CIESIN-operated Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) (NASA-contract # NAS5-03117).



Dr. Robert S. Chen, Director

Alex de Sherbinin, Deputy Director

Marc Levy, Lead Project Scientist


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