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Macro International, Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS): Provides data and interactive maps for indicators grouped under the headings of: characteristics of households, fertility, family planning, other proximate determinants of fertility, fertility preferences, early childhood mortality, maternal and child health, maternal and child nutrition, female genital cutting, and malaria.

Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa (MARA/ARMA): Includes the following:

UNAIDS/WHO Global HIV/AIDS Online Database: Collates the most recent country-specific data on the spread and impact of the virus, information on risk behaviours (e.g. casual sex and condom use) and health sector response information (e.g., data on people receiving treatment and coverage of HIV counselling and testing).

United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF country statistics: Includes data on under-five mortality; infant mortality; total population; births; life expectancy; infant birthweight; breastfeeding; underweight under-fives; stunting; vitamin A supplementation; iodized salt consumption; improved drinking water; EPI vaccines financed by governments; immunizations for tuberculosis, hepatitus B, influenzae, polio, measles, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus; percent under-fives with ARI; percent under-fives with diarrhoea receiving oral rehydration and continued feeding; Malaria; percent under-fives sleeping under a mosquito net; percent under-fives with fever receiving anti-malarial drugs; HIV prevalence (children/adults); HIV knowledge and behavior; and orphans.

World Health Organization Statistics Indicators (WHO): Includes the following databases:

Electronic News, Reports, and Discussion Lists

Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMED): The International Society for Infectious Diseases hosts the ProMED Web site and email newsletter. ProMED is a global electronic reporting system, that is open to all sources, for outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases and toxins.

Public Health GIS News and Information: The National Center for Health Statitistics, part of the U.S. CDC, provides on its Web site and through its listserver a free bimonthly, electronic report “dedicated to scientific excellence and advancement in disease control and prevention through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.”


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