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sedac/pesv3Broker (GPServer)

Service Description: The Population Estimation Service (PES) is a Web-based service for estimating population totals, basic demographic characteristics, and related statistics within a user-defined region. It enables users of a wide variety of map clients and tools to quickly obtain estimates of the number of people residing in specific areas without having to download and analyze large amounts of spatial data. The PES accepts polygons that define areas of interest, a list of one or more requested statistics from the set [COUNT, MINIMUM, MAXIMUM, RANGE, MEAN, STD, SUM]; and a list of one or more variable identifiers from the list of variables described here The estimates returned are based on data from SEDAC's Gridded Population of the World, Version 4 Revision 11 (GPWv4.11) data collection.

Tasks: Execution Type: esriExecutionTypeSynchronous

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MaximumRecords: 1000

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