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Khandelwal, Ankush; Karpatne, Anuj; Wei, Zhihao; Ghosh, Rahul; Kuang, Huangying; Cutler, Kelly; Dugan, Hilary; Hanson, Paul; Kumar, Vipin. 2020. ReaLSAT-R: A new Reservoir Surface Area Dynamics Database created using Machine Learning and Satellite Imagery.
Related URL(s): https://ai4earthscience.github.io/iclr-2020-workshop/papers/ai4earth28.pdf
Uses Remote Sensing: yes
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(Conference Paper)
Ojile, M. O.; Koulibaly, C. T.; Ibe, C. 2017. Comparative analysis of vulnerabilities of selected coastal communities and populations to climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in Nigeria and Senegal. [IAIA17: Impact Assessments Contribution to the Global Efforts in Addressing Climate Change] pp: 5pp
Related URL(s): http://conferences.iaia.org/2017/final-papers/Ojile,%20Meshach%20-%20Comparative…
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