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National Environmental Response Indicators Resources Page

National Environmental Response Indicators: General and Specific Resources

International efforts to address environmental issues ultimately must be implemented at the national level. Indicators of these efforts, such as policies, laws, scientific programs, and data gathering efforts are often termed national response indicators. This page is designed to assist the ENTRI user in locating and researching web resources which contain information about national level indicators of responses to international environmental treaties and issues.

This page is organized from general to specific. The section on general resources contains links to other collections of national-level response indicators. The more specific, representative listings of web resources are organized first by country and second by issue area. Finally, this page contains a brief section with links to other potentially useful sources of national-level information relevant to national responses to environmental problems.

General Indexes of Potential Sources of National Response Indicators

Representative Country-Specific Sources of Information on National Response Indicators

For examples of countries with informative links about national response strategies please see the following web pages.

Representative Listings of National Response Indicators by Issue Area

Sources of Other Important Information Relevant to National Responses

Resources other than those directly related to the environment are included in this section. These links are included to provide important information relevant to state responses to environmental issues. The links are organized according to a number of dimensions.

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