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Full text of the "Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping from Ships and Aircraft" is available.

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                            (as amended)


      To control the dumping of harmful substances from ships and
aircraft in the sea.

Summary of provisions

      (a)  Includes the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans north of latitude
36- north, east of longitude 42- west and west of longitude 51-
east, excluding the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas (art. 2);

      (b)  Parties to apply measures so as to prevent dumping being
diverted outside the area (art. 3);

      (c)  Dumping of materials listed in annex I to be prohibited
(art. 5);

      (d)  Dumping of materials listed in annex II to be allowed
only with a specific permit in each case (art. 6);

      (e)  No substance or material to be dumped without the
approval of the national authority concerned (art. 7);

      (f)  Annex III contains provisions governing the issue of
permits and approvals for the dumping of wastes at sea, both as to
the characteristics of the waste and as to those of the dumping site
and method of dumping;

      (g)  Parties to ensure compliance by ships and aircraft
registered in their territories loading materials to be dumped in
their territories, or believed to be engaged in dumping within their
territorial sea.


      Open for accession by any State which participated in the
Conference on Marine Pollution, Oslo, 19-22 October 1971, or by any
other State unanimously invited by the contracting parties to accede
to the Convention.  Instruments of accession to be deposited with
the Government of Norway.


      Date of adoption           15. 2.1972         12.6.1981       
      Place of adoption          Oslo, Norway       Oslo, Norway
      Date of entry into force   7. 4.1974          2. 3.1982
      Languages                  English, French
      Depositary                 Norway

      Participant                       Ratification/      Entry into force
      -----------                       -------------      ----------------
      Belgium                           28. 2.1978           12. 7.1985
      Denmark                           28. 7.1972            7. 4.1974
      Finland                            2. 5.1979            1. 6.1979
      France                             8. 3.1974            7. 4.1974
      Germany                           23.11.1977           23.12.1977
      Iceland                           27. 6.1973            7. 4.1974
      Ireland                           25. 1.1982           24. 2.1982
      Netherlands                       29. 9.1975           29.10.1975
      Norway                             2. 6.1972            7. 4.1974
      Portugal                          30. 1.1973            7. 4.1974
      Spain                             14. 6.1973            7. 4.1974
      Sweden                            13. 6.1972            7. 4.1974
      United Kingdom of  
        Great Britain and  
        Northern Ireland                30. 6.1975           30. 7.1975