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Full text of the "Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Land-Based Sources" is available.

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                          FROM LAND-BASED SOURCES


           The Convention forms part of a comprehensive set of
progressive and coherent measures to protect the marine environment
from pollution.

Summary of provisions

           (a)     Covers the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans north of latitude
36- north, east of longitude 42- west and west of longitude 51-
east, excluding the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas (art. 2);

           (b)     Parties to eliminate pollution of the maritime area from
land-based sources by substances listed in annex A, part 1, and to
limit strictly pollution by substances listed in part 2 (art. 4);  

           (c)     Parties generally to endeavour to reduce existing
pollution and forestall any new pollution from land-based sources
(art. 6);

           (d)     In case of serious pollution from land-based sources by a
substance not listed in annex A, part 1, the parties shall consult
and negotiate a cooperation agreement (art. 9);

           (e)     Parties to establish complementary scientific and
technical research programmes (art. 10);

           (f)     Parties to set up and operate a permanent monitoring
system (art. 11);

           (g)     A commission established to supervise the implementation
of the Convention, to review the condition of the seas within the
Convention area, to draw up programmes and measures for the
elimination or reduction of pollution from land-based sources and to
make recommendations  for the amendment of the lists of substances
in annex A (art. 16).


           Open to States which participated in the Diplomatic Conference
convened in Paris for the adoption of the Convention, to States
Parties to the Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution by
Dumping from Ships and Aircraft, 1972, and to States located
upstream on watercourses crossing the territory of one or more
Parties and reaching the Convention area.  Parties may unanimously
invite other States to accede.  The Instruments of accession to be
deposited with the French Government.


           Date of adoption            4.6.1974       26.3.1990
           Place of adoption           Paris, France  Paris
           Date of entry into force    6.5.1978                                        1.9.1989
           Languages                   English, French
           Depositary                  France

           Participant                        Entry into force
           -----------                        ----------------

           Belgium                            11. 2.1984
           Denmark                             6. 5.1978
           France                              6. 5.1978
           Germany                             1. 4.1982
           Iceland                            19. 7.1981
           Ireland                            28. 9.1984
           Netherlands                         6. 5.1978
           Norway                              6. 5.1978
           Portugal                            9. 6.1978
           Spain                              17. 5.1980
           Sweden                              6. 5.1978
           United Kingdom of
             Great Britain and  
             Northern Ireland*                 6. 5.1978
           European Economic Community         6. 5.1978

           *  Extended to Guernsey on 6.4.1978 and to Jersey on