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Full text of the "Convention for the Conservation of Salmon in the North Atlantic Ocean" is available.

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                         IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN


       To promote the conservation, restoration, enhancement and
rational management of salmon stock in the North Atlantic Ocean
through international cooperation, as well as the acquisition,
analysis and dissemination of appropriate scientific information.

Summary of provisions

       (a)   The Convention to apply to specific salmon stocks, the
views of any party with regard to its jurisdiction over fisheries or
the law of the sea not to be affected (art. 1);

       (b)   The fishing of salmon to be prohibited in certain areas,
with some exceptions (art. 2).  The North Atlantic Salmon
Conservation Organization to be established with legal personality,
its components and objectives defined in article 3;

       (c)   Regulatory measures proposed to be notified by the
Secretary, they shall be binding unless an objection is lodged or
they are denounced.  Emergency regulatory measures shall also be
proposed and may be objected to (art. 13);

       (d)   All parties to ensure that the provisions of the
Convention as well as the regulatory measures binding on them are
made effective, including the imposition of adequate penalties for
violations, and to produce an annual statement of action taken in
that regard (art. 14);

       (e)   All parties to provide information on statistical,
scientific, legal and regulatory measures and programmes relating to
the conservation, restoration and enhancement of salmon stocks (art.
15).  Annual reports regarding the adoption or repeal of related
laws, regulation and programmes, as well as any new commitments
regarding new measures, or information  regarding new factors
relevant to the abundance of salmon stocks, to be prepared.


       The Convention is subject to ratification or approval.  It is
open for accession by Canada, Denmark (in respect of the Faeroe
Islands), Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the United States of America and
EEC, and, subject to the approval of the Council, by any other State
that exercises fisheries jurisdiction in the North Atlantic Ocean or
is a State of origin for salmon stocks subject to this Convention.

       Date of adoption               2. 3.1982  
       Place of adoption              Reykjavik, Iceland
       Date of entry into force       1.10.1983
       Language                       English, French
       Depositary                     European Economic Community

      Participant                     Entry into force
      -----------                     ----------------

       Canada                             1.10.1983
       Denmark*                           1.10.1983
       Finland                           18. 5.1984
       Iceland                            1.10.1983
       Norway                             1.10.1983
       Sweden                            17. 5.1984
       United States of America           1.10.1983
       European Economic Community        1.10.1983

                 *     For the Faeroe Islands.