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Amendment to the Annex to the Convention for the Prevention of
Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter

Done at London 3 November 1989

Entered into force 19 May 1990


Resolution LDC.37(12) adopted on 3 November 1989


RECALLING resolution LDC.26(10) by which Contracting Parties
agreed in principle to the inclusion in Annex III, section A of
the following text:

"9. In issuing a permit for dumping, Contracting Parties should
consider whether an adequate scientific basis exists concerning
characteristics and composition of the matter to be dumped to
assess the impact of the matter on marine life and on human

NOTING that by the above resolution LDC.26(10) Contracting
Parties were invited to indicate in writing to the
Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization if
they do not expect to be in a position to adopt formally the
amendment at the Consultative Meeting designated for formal
adoption and that no such notifications were received,

NOTING FURTHER that by resolution LDC.26(10) the Twelfth
Consultative Meeting was designated for formal adoption of the
above amendment,

RECALLING previous decisions of the Consultative Meetings that
the amendments to the Convention agreed in principle by the
Consultative Meeting should be implemented by Contracting
Parties on a voluntary basis until their formal adoption,

1. ADOPTS the amendment to Annex III, section A of the
Convention in accordance with Article XV(2) thereof

2. ENTRUSTS the International Maritime Organization with the
task of ensuring, in collaboration with the Governments of
China, France, Spain, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
that the texts of the above amendment are drawn up by 1 January
1990 in all official languages of the Consultative Meeting with
the linguistic consistency in each text. The texts would then
become the authentic texts of the amendment of Annex III in
accordance with Article XXII of the Convention.

3. RESOLVES that for the purposes of Articles XIV(4)(a) and
XV(2) of the Convention, 8 February 1990 shall be treated as the
date of the approval of the amendment.

4. REQUESTS the Secretary-General of the Organization to inform
Contracting Parties of the above-mentioned amendment.