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Warsaw, 28 July 1962

The Governments of the German Democratic Republic, the Polish 
People's Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Having a common interest in co-operation in the development of 
marine fishing, fishing techniques and fish processing technology, 
as well as in scientific research into the condition of live 
marine resources,

Have decided to conclude this Agreement and have for this purpose 
appointed their Plenipotentiaries who, having exchanged their full 
powers found in good and due form, have agreed on the following 

Article 1

The Contracting Parties agree to co-operate in the development of 
fishing in the open sea, to consult on practical matters relating 
to the organization of fishing, to exchange the results of 
exploration for new fishing grounds and of research into other 
marine resources, to coordinate their research efforts with regard 
to the raw-materials base of the open sea, and to exchange 
experience concerning fishing techniques and the preparation, 
transport and storage of fish products.

Article 2

With a view to working out, co-ordinating and carrying out 
measures for the application of this Agreement, a Mixed Commission 
shall be established.

Within one month after the entry into force of this Agreement, 
each Contracting Party shall appoint a representative and an 
alternate to the said Commission and shall communicate their names 
to the other Contracting Parties.

The Mixed Commission shall convene at least once a year in the 
territory of each of the Contracting Parties in turn, the costs of 
organizing such sessions to be borne by the Party in whose 
territory the session is held. The place and date of convening of 
the Mixed Commission shall be determined by the Commission in 

The Mixed Commission shall function in accordance with Rules of 
Procedure to be drafted at its first meeting and approved by the 
Contracting Parties.

Article 3

The Mixed Commission shall have the following functions:

1. It shall prepare plans for scientific and technical co-
operation and mutual assistance in the development of fishing in 
the open sea;

2. It shall organize the exchange of experience in the operation 
of fishing fleets, in fishing techniques and in the storage, 
processing and transport of fish, as well as the exchange of 
information on the results of fisheries exploration and research 
into live marine resources conducted by the Contracting Parties;

3. It shall submit proposals for convening scientific and 
technical conferences and meetings on various fishery problems of 
common interest to the Contracting Parties and shall organize the 
exchange of experience in the training of personnel;

4. It shall determine the nature and scope of the statistical and 
other data which each Contracting Party shall furnish to the Mixed 
Commission with a view to the implementation of this Agreement.

5. It shall examine such other matters as the Contracting Parties 
may refer to it.

Article 4

The Mixed Commission shall make recommendations to the 
Contracting Parties concerning the matters referred to in article 

Recommendations and decisions shall be deemed to have been 
adopted by the Mixed Commission if they receive the fovourable 
votes of the representatives of all the Contracting Parties.

The recommendations of the Mixed Commission shall be submitted to 
the Contracting Parties for approval and shall be given effect if 
none of the Parties raises an objection within two months.

Article 5

This Agreement is subject to approval in accordance with the 
provisions in force in each of the Contracting Parties.

Notifications of the approval of this Agreement shall be 
transmitted to the Government of the Polish People's Republic, 
which shall exercise depositary functions.

This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of receipt of 
the last notification of its approval.

Article 6

This Agreement is concluded for a term of five years. It shall 
remain in force for successive terms of five years for those 
Contracting Parties which do not denounce the Agreement at least 
six months before the expiry of the current five-year term.

Article 7

The Government of the Polish People's Republic shall take the 
necesary action to register this Agreement with the Secretariat of 
the United Nations.

Done at Warsaw on 28 July 1962, in one copy in the German, Polish 
and Russian languages, all three texts being equally authentic.