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Occupied Palestinian Territory Summary

Population 2000 (NSO-Based Estimate '000) 3,180   Population 2000 (UN '000) 3,191
Area (km2) 6,006   Avg. Input Resolution (km) 19
Number of Administrative Units 16   Population Per Administrative Unit ('000) 199
Number of Urban Extents 20   Number of Settlement Points 226

Occupied Palestinian Territory Details

Continent Asia
Country Name Occupied Palestinian Territory
Administrative Classifications
Level Used 1.0
Leve1 Type District
Number of Units 16
Population Per Unit ('000) (2000, estimate) 199
National Population Estimates
Last Year of Reference 2003
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1990 ('000) 2,041
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1995 ('000) 2,547
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 2000 ('000) 3,180
UN Population, 1990 ('000) 2,154
UN Population, 1995 ('000) 2,635
UN Population, 2000 ('000) 3,191
National Spatial Estimates
Area (km2) 6,006
Average Input Resolution (km) 19
Settlement Points
Number of Settlement Points 226
Largest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 399,435
Smallest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 1,010
Mean Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 10,989
Urban Areal Extents
Number of Urban Extents 20
Largest Urban Extent (km2) 564
Smallest Urban Extent (km2) 3
Mean Urban Extent (km2) 126
Total for All Urban Extent (km2) 2,519
Largest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 1,097,725
Smallest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 2,973
Mean Urban Extent (population, 2000) 140,801
Total for All Urban Extent (population, 2000) 2,816,019
% Total Land Area in Urban Extents (km2) 42%
% Total Population in Urban Extents (2000, estimate) 89%
% Total Population that is Urban (2001, UN World Urbanization Prospects) 67%
Urban Areal Extents, by Source
Nighttime Lights Data 14
Regression-estimated Extents 16
Digital Chart of the World 1
Other 0
Administrative Population Source Data:
1997 and 2000 population data were provided by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Population, Housing, and Establishment Census.
Administrative Boundary Source Data:
Spatial data provided by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation
Settlement Point Population Source Data:
Palestine 1997 Census Data Summary By Localities,; World Gazetteer,
Settlement Point Coordinate Source Data:
NIMA, University of Texas Map Collection
Urban Criteria for Settlements (UN):
Any locality whose population amounts to 10,000 persons or more. This applies to all governorates/districts centers regardless of their size. Besides, it refers to all localities whose populations vary from 4,000 to 9,999 persons provided they have, at least, four of the following elements: public electricity network, public water network, post office, health center with a full- time physician and a school offering a general secondary education certificate.
Administrative Population Edits and Notes:
A population growth rate was calculated between 1997 and 2003 to extrapolate the population data to target years.
Administrative Spatial Edits and Notes: