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Cyprus Summary

Population 2000 (NSO-Based Estimate '000) 767   Population 2000 (UN '000) 784
Area (km2) 9,273   Avg. Input Resolution (km) 5
Number of Administrative Units 414   Population Per Administrative Unit ('000) 2
Number of Urban Extents 4   Number of Settlement Points 73

Cyprus Details

Continent Asia
Country Name Cyprus
Administrative Classifications
Level Used 2.0
Leve1 Type District
Level2 Type Municipality
Number of Units 414
Population Per Unit ('000) (2000, estimate) 2
National Population Estimates
Last Year of Reference 2001
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1990 ('000) 680
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1995 ('000) 721
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 2000 ('000) 767
UN Population, 1990 ('000) 681
UN Population, 1995 ('000) 744
UN Population, 2000 ('000) 784
National Spatial Estimates
Area (km2) 9,273
Average Input Resolution (km) 5
Settlement Points
Number of Settlement Points 73
Largest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 92,719
Smallest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 3,166
Mean Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 21,642
Urban Areal Extents
Number of Urban Extents 4
Largest Urban Extent (km2) 1,005
Smallest Urban Extent (km2) 245
Mean Urban Extent (km2) 581
Total for All Urban Extent (km2) 2,324
Largest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 259,912
Smallest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 50,638
Mean Urban Extent (population, 2000) 153,326
Total for All Urban Extent (population, 2000) 613,303
% Total Land Area in Urban Extents (km2) 25%
% Total Population in Urban Extents (2000, estimate) 78%
% Total Population that is Urban (2001, UN World Urbanization Prospects) 70%
Urban Areal Extents, by Source
Nighttime Lights Data 9
Regression-estimated Extents 0
Digital Chart of the World 0
Other 0
Administrative Population Source Data:
2001 population census data were provided by the Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus and The Press Information Office of Cyprus: and Population estimates for the Turkish controlled areas were also provided by the Press Information Office:
Administrative Boundary Source Data:
Seamless Administrative Boundaries of Europe (SABE) distributed by Eurographics: (SABE 2001 date of release : February 2003).
Settlement Point Population Source Data:
Settlement Point Coordinate Source Data:
NIMA, World Gazetteer
Urban Criteria for Settlements (UN):
Six district towns and Nicosia''s suburbs.
Administrative Population Edits and Notes:
(1) No detailed population data were available for the Turkish controlled area of Cyprus. Thus, all subnational units in this area were dissolved into one polygon and assigned a single population value. The population values were estimated by calculating the difference between "Total estimated population including estimates of Turkish Cypriots" and "Population in the Government controlled area"for 1992 and 2001. (2) The ''Anthoupoli Refugee Housing Estate'' unit is not listed in the boundary file, but the census Web site suggests it is part of the Lakatameia municipality; therefore the populations of the two areas were aggregated. (3) District level (administrative level 1) growth rates were calculated between the census years 1992 and 2001 and applied to the applied to the municipality (administrative level 2) population figures to extrapolate the data to target years.
Administrative Spatial Edits and Notes: