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Argentina Summary

Population 2000 (NSO-Based Estimate '000) 35,858   Population 2000 (UN '000) 37,032
Area (km2) 2,736,391   Avg. Input Resolution (km) 74
Number of Administrative Units 499   Population Per Administrative Unit ('000) 72
Number of Urban Extents 419   Number of Settlement Points 1,091

Argentina Details

Continent South America
Country Name Argentina
Administrative Classifications
Level Used 2.0
Leve1 Type Provincia
Level2 Type Departamento
Number of Units 499
Population Per Unit ('000) (2000, estimate) 72
National Population Estimates
Last Year of Reference 2001
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1990 ('000) 32,295
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1995 ('000) 33,973
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 2000 ('000) 35,858
UN Population, 1990 ('000) 32,527
UN Population, 1995 ('000) 34,768
UN Population, 2000 ('000) 37,032
National Spatial Estimates
Area (km2) 2,736,391
Average Input Resolution (km) 74
Settlement Points
Number of Settlement Points 1,091
Largest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 2,731,098
Smallest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 1,008
Mean Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 28,567
Urban Areal Extents
Number of Urban Extents 419
Largest Urban Extent (km2) 5,254
Smallest Urban Extent (km2) 9
Mean Urban Extent (km2) 132
Total for All Urban Extent (km2) 55,146
Largest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 12,185,612
Smallest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 1,615
Mean Urban Extent (population, 2000) 71,492
Total for All Urban Extent (population, 2000) 29,955,120
% Total Land Area in Urban Extents (km2) 2%
% Total Population in Urban Extents (2000, estimate) 81%
% Total Population that is Urban (2001, UN World Urbanization Prospects) 88%
Urban Areal Extents, by Source
Nighttime Lights Data 768
Regression-estimated Extents 107
Digital Chart of the World 4
Other 0
Administrative Population Source Data:
Provincia segun departamento. Poblacion censada en 1991 y 2001 y variacion intercensal absoluta y relativa 1991-2001: Censo Nacional de Poblacion, Hogares y Viviendas del ano 2001. Instituto Nacional de Estadistica Y Censos Argentina:
Administrative Boundary Source Data:
Atlas de Suelos de la Republica Argentina. Inta y la Fundacion Argentina. Prepared by the Centro Internacional de Agricultural Tropical (CIAT).
Settlement Point Population Source Data:
CELADE, Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Centre (CELADE) - Population Division of Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean; Censo Nacional de Poblacion, Hogares y Viviendas 2001,;City Population,
Settlement Point Coordinate Source Data:
Celade, Map, NIMA
Urban Criteria for Settlements (UN):
Population centres with 2,000 inhabitants or more.
Administrative Population Edits and Notes:
Based on the jpg Provincial boundary maps downloaded from Resultados Provinciales del Censo 2001 - Informacion seleccionada (, the following edits were made: (1) in Buenos Aires, the populations of Hurlingham, Ituzaingo are added to Moron; Ezeiza added to Esteban Echeverria; population of Presidente Peron added to San Vicente; population of Punta Indio added to Magdalena; Malvinas argentina added to Pilar; adn Jose C. Paz and San Miguel merged to form Gen Sarmineto. (2) In Provincia del Chaco, the polygons for 12 de Octubre and Fray Justo Santa Maria de Oro are merged and their populations and the populations of 2 de Abril added together. (3) In Provincia de Entre Rios, the polygons for Colon, Concordia and Villaguay are merged and their populations and San Salvador are added together. (4) In Provincia de Misiones, the population of Capital are added to Apostoles. (5) In Tiera del Fuego, redistributed the population Antartida Argentina to Rio Grande and Ushuaia.
Administrative Spatial Edits and Notes: