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Guinea Summary

Population 2000 (NSO-Based Estimate '000) 8,466   Population 2000 (UN '000) 8,154
Area (km2) 245,860   Avg. Input Resolution (km) 86
Number of Administrative Units 33   Population Per Administrative Unit ('000) 257
Number of Urban Extents 33   Number of Settlement Points 44

Guinea Details

Continent Africa
Country Name Guinea
Administrative Classifications
Level Used 2.0
Leve1 Type Region
Level2 Type Prefecture
Number of Units 33
Population Per Unit ('000) (2000, estimate) 257
National Population Estimates
Last Year of Reference 1996
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1990 ('000) 5,270
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1995 ('000) 7,027
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 2000 ('000) 8,466
UN Population, 1990 ('000) 6,139
UN Population, 1995 ('000) 7,332
UN Population, 2000 ('000) 8,154
National Spatial Estimates
Area (km2) 245,860
Average Input Resolution (km) 86
Settlement Points
Number of Settlement Points 44
Largest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 1,276,801
Smallest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 10,964
Mean Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 80,362
Urban Areal Extents
Number of Urban Extents 33
Largest Urban Extent (km2) 217
Smallest Urban Extent (km2) 4
Mean Urban Extent (km2) 45
Total for All Urban Extent (km2) 1,485
Largest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 1,117,144
Smallest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 3,904
Mean Urban Extent (population, 2000) 69,201
Total for All Urban Extent (population, 2000) 2,283,642
% Total Land Area in Urban Extents (km2) 1%
% Total Population in Urban Extents (2000, estimate) 27%
% Total Population that is Urban (2001, UN World Urbanization Prospects) 28%
Urban Areal Extents, by Source
Nighttime Lights Data 10
Regression-estimated Extents 25
Digital Chart of the World 0
Other 0
Administrative Population Source Data:
1996 population data from the African Census Analysis Project, The population figures for 1990 were based on estimates produced by Benoit Ninnin for the OECD/Club du Sahel West Africa Long Term Perspective Study (WALTPS) for 1960-90. He used these sources: 1. Etude d''une Image - Long Terme de l''Afrique. 2. Ministere du Plan et de la Cooperation Internationale (Direction Generale de la Statistique et de l''Informatique): Recensement general de la population et de l''habitat, Fevrier 1983, Resultats provisoires: Conakry, Octobre 1987, Analyse des resultats definitifs: Conakry, Decembre 1989. 3. enard J.L.: Projet de developpement urbain de Conakry, Avril 1988
Administrative Boundary Source Data:
UNEP/GRID-WRI-NCGIA Africa Population Database, .
Settlement Point Population Source Data:
AFCities, Data provided by Uwe Deichman at the World Bank; World Gazetteer,
Settlement Point Coordinate Source Data:
AFCities, NIMA, Times Atlas of the World, 1
Urban Criteria for Settlements (UN):
Urban centres.
Administrative Population Edits and Notes:
A population growth rate was calculated between 1990 and 1996 to extrapolate to the target years of 1995 and 2000. A 5% rate cap was applied to select units
Administrative Spatial Edits and Notes:
An extra settlement unit in the population data, named Conakry, was combined with the parent unit named Dubreka.