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Lithuania Summary

Population 2000 (NSO-Based Estimate '000) 3,533   Population 2000 (UN '000) 3,696
Area (km2) 64,995   Avg. Input Resolution (km) 36
Number of Administrative Units 51   Population Per Administrative Unit ('000) 69
Number of Urban Extents 46   Number of Settlement Points 98

Lithuania Details

Continent Europe
Country Name Lithuania
Administrative Classifications
Level Used 2.0
Leve1 Type Province
Level2 Type District
Number of Units 51
Population Per Unit ('000) (2000, estimate) 69
National Population Estimates
Last Year of Reference 2001
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1990 ('000) 3,675
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 1995 ('000) 3,601
NSO-Based Estimated Population, 2000 ('000) 3,533
UN Population, 1990 ('000) 3,722
UN Population, 1995 ('000) 3,715
UN Population, 2000 ('000) 3,696
National Spatial Estimates
Area (km2) 64,995
Average Input Resolution (km) 36
Settlement Points
Number of Settlement Points 98
Largest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 545,078
Smallest Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 1,029
Mean Settlement, by Population (2000, estimate) 25,655
Urban Areal Extents
Number of Urban Extents 46
Largest Urban Extent (km2) 665
Smallest Urban Extent (km2) 13
Mean Urban Extent (km2) 101
Total for All Urban Extent (km2) 4,629
Largest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 511,936
Smallest Urban Extent (population, 2000) 5,026
Mean Urban Extent (population, 2000) 46,775
Total for All Urban Extent (population, 2000) 2,151,627
% Total Land Area in Urban Extents (km2) 7%
% Total Population in Urban Extents (2000, estimate) 61%
% Total Population that is Urban (2001, UN World Urbanization Prospects) 69%
Urban Areal Extents, by Source
Nighttime Lights Data 63
Regression-estimated Extents 20
Digital Chart of the World 0
Other 0
Administrative Population Source Data:
2001 population from Statistics Lithuania, url: ; 1989 population from UNEP/GRID Arendal,
Administrative Boundary Source Data:
Seamless Administrative Boundaries of Europe (SABE) distributed by Eurographics: (SABE 2001 date of release : February 2003).
Settlement Point Population Source Data:
Lithuania Population and Housing Census 2001, Statistics Lithuania,
Settlement Point Coordinate Source Data:
NIMA, UNSD, World Gazetteer
Urban Criteria for Settlements (UN):
Cities and urban-type localities, officially designated as such, according to criteria based on the number of inhabitants and the pre-dominance of non-agricultural workers and their families.
Administrative Population Edits and Notes:
Population growth rate between 1989 and 2001 was used to extrapolate to target years. Recent boundary divisions were accomodated in the following attribution of population: (1) In the province of marijampole, the following districts are merged and assigned a single total population value - Sakiai, Kalvarijos, Kazlu Ruda, Marijampole, and Vilkaviskis. (2) The population of Pagegiai in province of Taurage added to Silute in province of Klaipeda. (3) In Telsiai, population of Rietavas addded to Plunge. (4) In Utena, the districts of Ignalinos and Visaginas are merged and assigned a single total population value. (5) Trakai in Vilnius and Kaisiadorys in Kaunas are merged and population value assigned is the total of the two merged districts plus population of Elektrenai (in Vilnius).
Administrative Spatial Edits and Notes: