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Selection and Appraisal of SEDAC Resources for Accession into the SEDAC Long-Term Archive

(Draft of September 23, 2005 - Reflects Board Meeting of September 8, 2005)

The SEDAC Long-Term Archive (LTA) Board receives nominations from the SEDAC Lead Project Scientist for SEDAC resource to be submitted to the LTA and evaluates each resource for potential accession.

The Board will consider the Selection Criteria for Submission of SEDAC Resources to the LTA to appraise each nominated resource for submission to the LTA and to identify the level of service and the retention schedule to be assigned to the resource. Nominations not containing sufficient information for appraisal shall be returned to the Lead SEDAC Project Scientist for insufficient evidence. Rejections shall be returned with an explanation of the deficiencies and the criteria that the nomination did not meet.

Selection Criteria

(Draft of September 23, 2005 - Reflects Board Meeting of September 8, 2005)


Scientific or Historical Value: Verify the scientific or historical value of the candidate resource by examining current evidence of citation, research, and educational use as published in refereed scientific publications or reports received from a recognized committee of scientists representing the discipline of the data.


Potential Usability and Use: Present evidence of usability, usefulness, and sufficient usage of the resource by the community of users interested in human dimensions of the environment. Adequate evidence should be presented to indicate whether the potential for future use of the resource justifies the costs of long-term archiving.


Uniqueness of Data (non-redundant stewardship): The candidate resource is not being preserved in any form in another archive and is at risk of loss if not accessioned into the Long-Term Archive.


Relevance to LTA Mission: The content of the candidate resource is relevant to the LTA Mission and is currently endorsed or approved by the community interested in human interactions in the environment. For the short-term, relevance would include content germane to the SEDAC mission and the SEDAC strategic plan.


Documented for Accessibility (completeness and correctness of documentation): The documentation for the candidate resource contains all of the information necessary to facilitate future discovery, access, and use.


Technological Accessibility (feasibility): The candidate resource is received in a format that meets the technical criteria for the Service Level of the Long-Term Archive that has been designated for the resource.


Legality and Confidentiality (restrictions or requirements for preservation and future access): Written permissions without restrictions for preservation and future dissemination have been obtained by Columbia University from all authors and publishers of the candidate resource. The resource does not contain information that is prohibited from dissemination by law or contain any confidential information or information divulging the identities of any individual human subjects.


Non-Replicability (Replacement Cost): Replication of the candidate resource is not feasible or would be excessively costly or prohibitive.

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