SEDAC - Population Estimation Enter Location: close


  1. Select the "Hand" tool to pan to the desired location or use the search box above and use the +/- tools to zoom in or out .
  2. Select the polygon tool to draw a polygon by clicking various points on the map to define your area of interest
  3. After entering a minimum of 3 points, click the 'Calculate' button or simply double-click on the map. This action completes the polygon and will present the results after computing the values. This may take a minute or two depending on the size of the area you selected.
  4. You may modify the polygon by selecting any point in your polygon and dragging it to a new location; then press "Calculate" to obtain revised results.
  5. Use the 'Clear' button below to reset the map and then redraw another polygon or pan and zoom depending on the tool selected.