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Urban Classification
Atlanta Population
Atlanta Vegetation
Atlanta Vegmask
Atlanta Bivariate
Chicago Population
Chicago Population
Chicago Vegmask
Chicago Bivariate
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Populatation
Los Angeles Vegetation
Los Angeles Veg Mask
Los Angeles Bivariate
New York
New York Population
New York Vegetation
New York Veg Mask
New York Bivariate
Phoenix Population
Phoenix Vegetation
Phoenix Veg Mask
Phoenix Bivariate
Seatlle Population
Seatlle Vegetation
Seatlle Vegmask
Seatlle Bivariate

Fig. 3. Spatial Distributions of Population and Vegetation. Combining population density with vegetation fraction yields a demographic classification, where rural population densities are shown in blue, urban in red and suburban in green. Different shades of green correspond to different amounts of vegetation. Note the similarity of the peaks in the bivariate distributions for Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. (Pozzi & Small 2001)

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