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sedac/gpw_v4_data_quality_indicators_rev11 (MapServer)

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Service Description: Gridded Population of the World, Version 4 (GPWv4) Data Quality Indicators, Revision 11 consists of three data layers created to provide additional information about the quality of input population data, context for the population count and density grids, and explicit information on the spatial precision of the input boundary data. The Water Mask distinguishes between pixels that are completely water and/or ice (Total Water Pixels), pixels that contain water and land (Partial Water Pixels), pixels that are completely land (Total Land Pixels), and pixels that are completely ocean water (Ocean Pixels). The Data Context grid categorizes pixels with 'NoData' or estimated zero population based on information provided in the census documents, such as areas that are part of a national park, areas that have no households, etc. The Mean Administrative Unit Area grid measures the mean unit size in square kilometers. It provides a quantitative surface that indicates the size of the input unit(s) from which population count and density grids are created. The files for this data set were produced as global grids at 30 arc-seconds horizontal resolution (approximately 1km at the equator). To enable faster global processing, and in support of research communities, the 30 arc-second data was aggregated to 2.5 arc-minutes, 15 arc-minutes, 30 arc-minutes and 1 degree resolutions.

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