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sedac/gpw_v4_population_density_global_2015 (MapServer)

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Service Description: GPWv4 is a gridded data product that depicts global population data from the 2010 round of Population and Housing Censuses. The Population Density, 2015 layer represents persons per square kilometer for year 2015. Data Summary: GPWv4 is constructed from national or subnational input areal units of varying resolutions. The native grid cell size is 30 arc-seconds, or ~1 km at the equator. Separate grids are available for population count, population density, estimated land area, and data quality indicators; which include the water mask represented in this service. Population estimates are derived by extrapolating the raw census counts to estimates for the 2010 target year. The development of GPWv4 builds upon previous versions of the data set (Tobler et al., 1997; Deichmann et al., 2001; Balk et al., 2006). The full GPWv4 data collection will consist of population estimates for the years 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, and 2020, and will include grids for estimates of total population, age, sex, and urban/rural status. However, this release consists only of total population estimates for the year 2015. This data is being released now to allow users access to the population grids. Recommended Citation: Center for International Earth Science Information Network - CIESIN - Columbia University. 2016. Gridded Population of the World, Version 4 (GPWv4): Population Density. Palisades, NY: NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC). Accessed DAY MONTH YEAR

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Copyright Text: NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) managed by the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), Earth Institute, Columbia University.

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