An Annotated Guide to Earth Remote Sensing Data and Information Resources for Social Science Applications

Section 2.0

Selected Listings of Earth Remote Sensing Data and
Information Resources

Suggested starting points for general readers are indicated with an asterisk.

2.1 Comprehensive Lists

  1. Commercial Remote Sensing Program (CRSP) Remote Sensing/GIS Resource List. Developed by the CRSP Office at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center, this directory of WWW sites covers a range of remote sensing topics, including satellite and airborne remote sensing; radar, lidar, and hyperspectral imaging; image processing and GIS software; and remote sensing and GIS in education. It includes information on both commercial and non-commercial sources. Availability: (**not checked)

  2. EWSE: Other Sites Search. This service generates an alphabetic list of WWW sites related to Earth observation. Users may then retrieve a short description of the WWW site and link directly to the site. For a more specific search, see the European Wide Service Exchange (EWSE) in Section 3.1. Availability:

  3. GeoData Information Sources. The Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) at the University of Iowa maintains a list of hypertext links to digital cartographic and environmental data, including remotely sensed data. Subcategories include remote sensing data documentation, public domain and commercial sources, and meteorological satellite imagery. Availability:

  4. * The Journalists' Guide to Remote Sensing Resources. Maintained by the American University School of Communication, this WWW site provides extensive, annotated lists of remote sensing data and information resources. It includes a list of Earth imagery resources and contact information for more than 50 countries and a large set of links to U.S. government remote sensing and mapping resources. Availability:

  5. * Remote Sensing Data and Information Directory of Resources. The Public Use of Remote Sensing Data (RSD) Program at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) maintains a directory of resources covering weather and climate, space and astronomy, Earth images from space, data archives, specific instruments, and projects and organizations. Availability:

  6. Remote Sensing Divisions: Recommended Links. The Department of Geography at the University of Zurich in Switzerland provides an extensive set of recommended links, focusing in particular on European resources and covering organizations and institutes, data archives and services, satellites and instruments, navigation, press releases, and other resources. Availability:

  7. Remote Sensing Guide. This well organized listing is maintained at Brunel University in the United Kingdom. It includes direct links to major remote sensing lists and indexes, satellite and sensor sites, organizational information, publications, educational resources, software, and mailing lists and newsgroups. Availability:

  8. Remote Sensing Resources on the Web. This comprehensive listing of remote sensing resources covers satellites and sensors; remote sensing research programs; radar, aerial, and extraterrestrial remote sensing; and publications, software, and other resources. Availability:

  9. * The Satellite Imagery FAQ, parts 4 and 5. These sections of the FAQ provide a detailed inventory of remote sensing data sources, including lists of sites by satellite platform and country and a list of commercial sites. It is updated approximately monthly by members of the Image Processing and Remote Sensing Listserver (IMAGRS-L). Availability: (latest version).

  10. Some Interesting WWW Pages. Developed as a service for members of The Remote Sensing Society in the United Kingdom, this page includes numerous links related to data, sensors, satellite platforms, publications, conferences, and other topics. Availability:

  11. Space Mission Acronym List and Hyperlink Guide. This on-line guide developed by NASA's Instrument and Sensing Technology Program provides information on a wide range of space missions including Earth observation satellites and direct links to relevant platform and instrument information. Availability:

  12. WWW Virtual Library: Remote Sensing. Developed by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), this directory provides a long list of links to remote sensing resources and related organizations around the world. Organizational lists are divided by region; other topics include data sources, societies, conferences, documents, journals, new groups, mailing lists, and related fields. Availability:

  13. Yahoo! Science/Geology_and_Geophysics/Remote_Sensing/. This browse page provided by Yahoo lists a range of links relevant to remote sensing. Subcategories include conferences and institutes; cross-links are provided to companies and Earth pictures. Availability:

2.2 Selective Lists

  1. Africa Data Dissemination Service (ADDS). Developed by the EROS Data Center, this service lists continental, regional, and national data for Africa, including holdings of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data based on the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR). Availability:

  2. CHAART Data Sources on the Internet. The Center for Health Applications of Aerospace Related Technologies (CHAART) at NASA's Ames Research Center has developed an annotated list of remote sensing and geographic information system data sites. The focus is primarily on federal data resources. Availability:

  3. Imaging Intelligence on the Web. Developed by the Intelligence Reform Project of the Federation of American Scientists, this site focuses on imagery intelligence resources on the WWW. It includes an image gallery and links to key intelligence documents and archives. Availability:

  4. Japan GIS/Mapping Sciences Resource Guide. An online guide linking to an array of remote sensing, mapping and imagery resources related to Japan, including distribution centers, software, organizations and institutes. Availability:
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