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Naranjo, Laura. 2015. Trapping Tapirs. [Sensing Our Planet: NASA Earth Science Research Features] .
Related URL(s): https://earthdata.nasa.gov/user-resources/sensing-our-planet/trapping-tapirshttp…
Uses Remote Sensing: yes
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Stoeckl, Natalie; Chaiechi, Taha; Farr, Marina; Esparon, Michelle; Larson, Silva; Jarvis, Diane; Chacon, Adriana; Tran, Lai Thi. 2015. Improving the Efficiency of Biodiversity Investment. Charles Darwin University. pp: 22
Related URL(s): http://www.nespnorthern.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/1.3.7-improving-the-ef…
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