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Global Fire Emissions Indicators, Country-Level Tabular Data, v1 (1997 – 2015)

Satellite-Derived Environmental Indicators

To provide data that can be used to calculate trace gas and aerosol emissions due to fires; monitor and assess national efforts to manage emissions.

Global Urban Heat Island (UHI) Data Set, v1 (2013)

Satellite-Derived Environmental Indicators

To provide a global data set of average summer daytime maximum/nighttime minimum land surface temperatures (LSTs) for urban extents, as well as the LST difference between the urban area and the buffer.

Change in Chlorophyll-a Concentration, v1 (1998 – 2007)

Indicators of Coastal Water Quality

To provide tabular data on the trends of chlorophyll-a concentration on a pixel by pixel basis for identifying areas with improving, declining, and stable coastal water quality that can provide guidance for decision making in the context of coastal management.

MA Climate and Land Cover, v1 (1901 – 2000)

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA)

To preserve access to the original climate and land cover data used by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) and other related research.